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Hose for Buster B, Compact Housekeeper Canister vacuums

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Part Number:O-430000895
These replacement hoses are designed to work on all Oreck XL Buster B Housekeeper Compact Canisters. There are two different styles of couplings depending on the age of your vacuum. There is the old style, which is simply a friction fit that just pushes into the vacuum bag door and the new style which is called a surelock. The surelock has a slot (see picture) on the hose coupling that needs to line up with the tab that is located in the bag door allowing the hose to lock into place once inserted.

This is a picture of the Surelock hose coupling.

Hose 1. Old style, friction fit with no Surelock.

Hose 2. Black Slinkey streaches from 12" to 36" with Surelock.

Hose 3. Black Crush Resistant 60" with Surelock.

Hose 4. White Crush Resistant 36" with Surelock.

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