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75391-8 Turbo Nozzle by Electrolux

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Part Number:75391-8
75391-8 This mini turbo attaches to the end of any 1 1/4" hose Attachment. As the air passes through the turbo head, it turns a 5 1/2 inch brush roll. This increases the amount of dust and dirt to be picked up. Ideal for use on stairs. Replaces item 28612A. Fits the following Eureka & Electrolux odels 2924BVZE, 4701AZE, 4711BZE, 4870PZ-1, 4870T, 5856WVZE, 972BZE, 2975BVZE, 2981BVZE, 2981DVZE, 2941AVZE, 2972AVZE, 2975AVZE, 2996DVZE, 2999AVZE, 2941AVZ, 2961AVZ, 2971BVZ, 2973AVZ, 2981BVZ, 2991AVZ, 2996AVZ, 2996BVZ, 2996DVZ, 2997AZ, 2997BVZ, 2997BVZ-1, 2998AZ, 2998BZ, 2999AVZ, 2999DVZ, 4701AZ, 4711AZ, 4711BZ, 4751AZ, 4760AZ, 4760AZ-1, 4870HZ, 4870HZ-1, 4870HZX, 4870K / KE, 4870K-1, 4870K-2, 4870MZ / MZX, 4870MZ-1, 4870MZ-2 / MZX-2, 4870PZ, 4870RZ, 4870RZ-1, 4870RZ-2, 5856DVZ, 5860BVZ, 5863AVS, 5892BVZ, 5892BVZ-1, 5893AVZ, 5902BVZ, 5902BVZ-1, AU2955DZ, UK2955AZ, UK2955BZ, UK2955DZ, UK2960AZ, 2976AVZ, 2999DVZ-1, 3277AVZ, 3279AZ, 4709AZ, 4711BZ-1… And Many More

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