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Part Number:60990-3
60990-3 - COMBINATION DUSTING BRUSH Designed to fit the following Eureka Models 4700AE, 4701AZE, 4704LE, 4704PE, 4704TE, 4711BZ-1, 4711BZE, 4750AE, ELV5505AE, ELV5555AE, UK4711AZ, Z5510AZ, 2903AE, 2903A, 2904AZ, 3041AQU, 3041AZ/AZE, 3041AZ, 3041RED, 4700A, 4700A-1, 4700B, 4700D-1, 4701AZ, 4702A,4703A, 4703B, 4703D, 4703D-1, 4704L, 4704P , 4704T, 4711AZ, , 4711BZ, 4712AZ, 4750A, , 4750A-1, 4750A-2, 4751AZ, 4752A, 4760AZ, 4760AZ-1, 5550A-2, AU2955DZ, EL5010A, EL5010A-1, EL5010AZ, HP5505A, HP5555A, SA2905B, SA2915A, SA4702B, SA4705BZ, SE2901AF, SE2902AVF, 5550A-1, Z2958BZ, Z5510BZ and many more

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