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30000206 Heat Surge Fireplace Tip Switch

Your Price: $12.99
Part Number:HS-30000206
Four way 45 degree tip switch. This unit works with gravity and cuts power to the unit if the unit is tipped 45 degrees in any direction. Opitonal replacement Wire set is HS-30000481 BRAND NEW.part # 30000206, Roll N Glow. Also for Andong ADL 2000M-2008 & 2009. Modern X5, MX5, X5A, MX5A, X5B, MX5B, X5C MX5C, X5C-S, X1. Yamada M5, M6, (M7 has tip integrated into MPCB). Jinhua X23a. Winners W1, W5, W9, W10, W1a (W9 & W10 Recommended to replace wires HS30000481)

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