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AC01EYVZV06 Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner on/off Power switch

Your Price: $10.95
Part Number:P-34015
Switch OEM replacement for the following Models MC-V7501, MC-V7505, MC-V7515, MC-V5485, MC-V5485-01, MC-V5454, MC-V5454-02, MC-V5454-01, MC-V7312, MC-V7314, MC-V7314-01, MC-V7572, MC-V7582, MC-V5706, MC-V5710, MC-V5715, MC-V5716, MC-V5720, MC-V5725, MC-V5740, MC-V5744, MC-V5737, MC-V5745, MC-V5745-02, MC-V5734

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