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48414115 Hoover Agitator Brush Roll

Your Price: $12.99
Part Number:HR-2O15
Hoover WindTunnel Agitator Brush Part # 48414132 Measures about 14 1/2" from end-to-end. Replaces # 48414115, 48414063 and #48414017. Fits WindTunnel, WidePath, Fusion, Spirit, Bagless, TwinChamber, Tempo, FoldAway, Mach 3, Fusion and other models including these popular models: fits models U53029RM, U5014900, U5016900, U5018900, U5019900, U5170900, U5171900, U5172900, U5173900, U5173900, U5173950, U5174900, U5175900, U5176900, U5176950, U5177900, U5265900, U5269900, U5347900, U5347960, U57009RM, U5180950, U5348900, U5348911, U5349900, U5361900, U5361960, U5363900, U5365900, U5396900, U5397900, U5398900, U5420900, U54219RM, U5436950, U5443900, U5443940, U5445900, U5445940, U5446900, U5446960, U5446990, U5447900, U5449940, U5450900, U5451900, U5452900, U5453900, U5454900, U5456900, U5457900, U5458900, U5459900, U5464900, U5465906, U5465909, U5465916, U5468900 , U5469910, U5475900, U5477900, U57009RM, U5720900, U5720990, U5721900, U5722900, U5723900, U5725960, U5725900, U5750900, U5750906, U5750911, U5750980, U5751900, U5752900, U5753900, U5753960, U5755900, U5756900, U5757900, U5758900, U5759900, U5761900, U5762900, U5763900, U5765900, U5767900, U5768900 , U5769900 U53019RMU53029RM. Also referred to as an "agitator assembly," "brush assembly" or "brush roller."
Click below for larger view of the end caps that are included with this brush

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