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30000481 Tip Switch wire set

Your Price: $12.99
Part Number:HS-30000481
Replacement Wire set is HS-30000450 has been replaced with part number HS-30000481 for models Roll N Glow. Also for Andong ADL 2000M-2008 & 2009. Modern X5, MX5, X5A, MX5A, X5B, MX5B, X5C MX5C, X5C-S, X1. Yamada M5, M6, (M7 has tip integrated into MPCB). Jinhua X23a. Winners W1, W5, W9, W10, W1a (W9 & W10 only replacement wires HS-30000481) To be used with Tip Switch part number HS-30000206

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