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30000056 Heat Surge Fireplace AYR™ Scent Pads (Set of 5)

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Part Number:HS-30000056
Heat Surge Fireplace Amish Country Scents combine aromatherapy with the AYR Filter System built into Heat Surge Electric Fireplaces. AYR™ Scent Pads (Set of 5) Used with Amish Country Scents. Just add a drop or two of your favorate Amish country scents and your home will smell fresh and clean. These Amish Folk Fragrances enhance the filter system with many blends of soothing scents that can be combined on the fragrance oil pad to create new scents. Part # 30000056, For Heat Surge models , MX5, MX5A, MX5B, MX5C, M20070, M2008, M2009, M5, M6, MX1, MX23, X5, MX5A, X5B, X5C.

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